Appendix 17B Leadership Activity

I have held the following leadership positions since joining the department:

Since 2016, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Chair of the Undergraduate Program Committee, Department of African Studies
As the Director of the Undergraduate program, I regularly advise students on course scheduling and course requirements. This includes not only all of our majors and minors, but other students inquiring about our courses. I keep a record of all current, incoming, and graduating African Studies majors. I maintain contact with majors and organize the taking of comprehensive exams for our graduating seniors. As Director I designed a Brochure for the African Studies program, using it for outreach activities on campus.

Since 2016, Co-Chair of the Library and Technology Committee, Department of African Studies

Program Chair (2015-2016) and President (2016-2017), Association of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ASBS)
As Program Chair, I organized the association’s 2016 conference, which was held in Jackson, MS. As President, I presided over the association’s 2017 conference, which was held in Shreveport, LA. ASBS is an academic association that has its roots in being a forum for Black social scientists to present their research. With many of its members based at HBCUs, ASBS is one of the oldest African American scholarly associations.

Since 2016, I sit on the Editorial Board for the College Language Association Journal
The CLA Journal is a peer-reviewed quarterly publication by the College Language Association

Since 2016, Board Member with Africa Action
Africa Action is one of the primary African advocacy groups in Washington, DC. Many have been forced to close their doors. Africa Action has been working on re-establishing itself. Because of my previous advocacy work with Amnesty International, I was asked to join the board in 2016.

Since 2014, Board Member with Helping Underserved Communities
HUC is a nonprofit started by Tanzanians in the Diaspora. The organization holds fundraising campaigns in the U.S. to carry out projects in Tanzania. Some of these projects include scholarships for vocational school, and supplying books and materials to schools. I have been on the board since the organizations start in 2014.

2017, Steering Committee for Sacred Resistance, a Black Lives Matter initiative
This was an initiative to bring activists from around the country for a day of reflection and resistance. I was the Washington, DC contact and I helped to coordinate the logistics on the ground.