Appendix 9B Evidence of Participation in Professional Development

Since joining the department I have been able to participate in several professional development initiatives on campus. Two, the HU-Teach program and the Junior Faculty Writing and Creative Works Summer Academy, have inspired the most professional development. Both have facilitated getting to know other faculty, from diverse disciplines. Through this I was also introduced to the different teaching and research methodologies in various disciplines. HU-Teach and Writing Across the Curriculum helped me to improve my approaches to teaching. The summer writing academy helped me examine my research process and to set goals to produce more effective writing strategies.

Summer 2016 HU-TEACH IV program

  • I participated in HU-TEACH, which helps faculty redesign a course into a hybrid course. I chose to redesign my course Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa to a 30% online course. The HU-TEACH workshops taught us how to effectively incorporate Blackboard, apps like PollEverywhere, and web-based programs into our syllabus.
Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.01.11 PM copy
Screenshot of Blackboard homepage for the course Hip Hop & Popular Culture in Africa

2016  Junior Faculty Writing and Creative Works Summer Academy


Writing Across the Curriculum